ROPE INNOVATION Co. Ltd, one of the largest GPS Tracker producers in China, is a hi-tech company whose basic principles are science and high-quality service. ROPE is specialized in the R&D, production and sales of GPS products.

SMA Coach

SMA - is a progressive tech-company operating in the field of development and production of fitness bracelets and smart watches as well as the development the software for collecting and analysis of the data received from the products of SMA. The company is located in the "silicon valley of China", the city of Shenzhen.



Our services




We provide marketing support of the brand, using effective channels of advertising, such as:

- TV and Radio that covers the maximum audience;
- extremely specialized web-sites and blogs, the audience of which is focused on the advertised product;
- editions with printing products, etc.



Our company develops a high-performance network of partners both on the territory of Russia and in CIS countries.

We cooperate with more than 50 companies, among which are:
- Federal chains: Svyaznoy, Eldorado, Ulmart, Technosila, Beeline, etc.;
- Regional chains with Internet shops: Key, iPort,, iCover, etc.;



We conduct a thorough analysis to identify the needs and opportunities of the market, to form the best proposal. We monitor compliance with the standards for each brand and the level of retail prices to maintain a transparent business competition that helps to create strong relationship with partners.



Our specialists are ready to answer technical questions as well as to help with setup and advise on equipment.
We provide a warranty and if a warranty case arises, we deal with it quickly by means of two authorized service centers in the largest cities: Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.